Fill in this form and pay $20 + processing fees to become a registered member of UAIC for the remainder of the year. $10 is a donation towards the club fund and $10 is an administration fee to cover running costs for the remainder of the year.

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Do you have regular meetings?
UAIC runs events and competitions at different times during the year rather than having regular meetings.

How does membership work?
Student's pay a fee of $20 for the year. This allows access to all events and competitions the UAIC hosts. With membership expiring in Janurary 2020. 

Do I need to commit to anything when I sign up?
We hope you will take part in as many competitions and events as possible, but nothing is compulsory.

Do I need to be a commerce student to sign up?
We encourage students from all faculties to participate.

Can I become a member if I am not a University of Auckland student?
Yes, however the membership fee for graduates or non UoA students is $40 


If you have any problems or further queries please contact us at