Georgina Niu & Ella Knoester


Nick Foulkes

Director of Administration

Eric li

Director of Communication

Gabrielle Penn 

Director of Education

Madhu Guthpe

Co-Directors of Events

George Liu

Phillipa Lamberton

Director of External Relations

Sandy Guo

Director of Marketing

Frazer Ellis

Director of Media

Andrei Gavrilov

IC Chairman

Amaan Merchant


Euan Lindsay

Senior Analysts

Aaron Duncan

Giulia Dressler

James Thwaite

Jillin Yan

Mihnea Enache

Noel D'Souza


Andrew Meng

Bruno Santos

Daniel Blair

Max Zheng

Michael de Boyett

Nehaal Ram

Thomas Zhao

Bulletin Editor

Sid Perumbedu

Senior Writer

David Saul

Staff Writers

Marie Poff

Kallen Chan

Sam Simpson

Sam Jain

Suvarn Naidoo

Yang Lim

Committee Functions

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee ensures that UAIC runs smoothly. The committee is responsible for events, marketing, bookkeeping, IT and communication with general members.

The executive aims to advance the club by hosting quality events, promoting the club at the university and finance industry level and developing networks of people with a common interest in business and investment.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a group of our analysts who manage the Club Fund. The job of the Investment Committee is to make the final call on any investment decisions, and ensure the fund remains aligned with a long-run investment strategy.

The committee also facilitates the process by which all members can contribute ideas for inclusion in the club fund.

Bulletin Team

The Bulletin Team is responsible for publishing the University of Auckland Investment Club Bulletin. This is a great source for articles  about investing, finance and economics as well as information about the Investment Club's activities.

In addition, industry leaders are regularly featured in the Bulletin where they provide their views on current affairs and market-moving events.