Executive Committee

The Executive Committee ensures that UAIC runs smoothly. The committee is responsible for events, marketing, bookkeeping, IT and communication with general members.

The executive aims to advance the club by hosting quality events, promoting the club at the university and finance industry level and developing networks of people with a common interest in business and investment.

Ben Roberts
Amy Davies

Ben Seto

Director of External Relations:
Richard Li

Director of Marketing:
Natalie Petersen

Director of Media:
Eleanor Hyde-Crofts

Director of Administration:
Mitch Tapp

Co-Director of Events:
Rachel Coates
Ella Knoester

Director of Content & Graphic Design:
James Shanahan

Bulletin Team

Charlie Baxter

David Saul
Zi Yuan Tee
Louis Loader
Felix He


The Investment Committee is a group of our top students who manage the Club Fund. The job of the Investment Committee is to make the final call on any investment decisions, and ensure the fund remains aligned with a long-run investment strategy.

The committee also facilitates the process by which all members can contribute ideas for inclusion in the club fund.

Jono Chisholm

Michael Wang

Aaron Duncan
Amaan Merchant
Anna Wu
Bentley Atkinson
Michael Luke
Mihnea Enache
Jashil Lodhia
Daniel Blease
Jillin Yan
Adam Kennedy
Georgina Niu
Giulia Dressler
Noel D'Souza
James Thwaite
Jai Modak

Michael Luke