2018 Events


Investing 102 - 11 October

We hosted our annual Investing 102 event with Raymond Webb. This event is designed for all students regardless of their to help expand your understanding of finance and value investing. This year, Raymond covered some important practical financial knowledge, including a financial action plan for graduates, his thoughts on mortgages and buying a house in New Zealand. This was followed by an extensive Q&A session and the chance to network around food and drinks at the end of the evening.

 Getting the Offer - 3 October

We specifically designed this event to perfect members applications for recruitment, whether that be in investment banking, consulting or the wider financial industry. This event was tailored towards the most competitive internships and grad roles in the industry. The night ran through the entire recruitment process, from figuring out your career pathway, applications, interviews and finally, getting an offer.

Our speaker and UAIC alumnus Foss Shanahan received offers from the top investment banks and consulting firms in the industry and offered his inside perspectives on how to dial in on what pathway is right for you and how to tailor your application for each role.

Stock Pitch Competition - 6 October

We held our inaugural Stock Pitch Competition, a competition for teams of 2-4. Over the course of 7 days each team selected, analysed and came up with a pitch to BUY a company. The teams then presented their ideas to a panel of judges.

The event was split into multiple categories, catering for first timers and return competitors. The competition also had a prize for best female speaker.

This years final was held at BNZ, the judges on the panel included Hayden Strickett (Forsyth Barr, NZ Equities), Chloe Gautrin (Deloitte, Corporate Finance) and Nick Mar (Senior Equity Research Analyst, Macquarie Group)


Women in Finance: Annual Networking Night - 19 September

We hosted a group networking session in an ‘across the table’ format alongside casual networking and drinks. We facilitated particular discussion points such as career paths, or overcoming challenges in the workplace as a woman. The event was open to all students as a great opportunity to learn more about what working in finance is like, the panelists talked about potential career paths and the sort of work you would be expected to do a different firms. At the end of the night the attendees also had a chance to branch out and extend their network with the speakers.

Stock Investing Starter Pack - 22 August

This was an all-new educational event catering for everyone, including students with no prior financial background. We took members through the basics of starting their own investment portfolio, with a focus on value investing and how to conduct initial research of companies. This included basics from choosing stocks from a range of industries and how to understand financial lingo such as the difference between growth and dividend stocks. There was a practical live example making the session a great interactive opportunity to get those financial questions answered.

Fireside Chat: David Parker - 9 August

We hosted the Honourable David Parker, the 31st Attorney General of New Zealand. David Parker also holds the titles of Minister of Economic Development, Minister of the Environment and Minister for Trade and Export Growth.

David discussed topic covering business confidence in New Zealand, Labour’s new policies and how they could both have an implication on New Zealand’s financial markets.

Amy Adams.jpg

Fireside Chat: Amy Adams - 2 August

UAIC was grateful to host Amy Adams, the current National Party Finance Spokesperson. When you attend one of our fireside chats you will notice that the environment is more relaxed, often enabling attendees to be more comfortable in asking questions.

During the evening Amy talked about topics about New Zealand’s business landscape, changes to the Reserve Bank Act and how policy changes may cause implications for New Zealand’s financial markets.

Intro Night – 24 July

Our first event of the semester was designed to allow members to find out more about UAIC, what members can do to fully get more involved in the club and also how they can get the most out of their membership.

The night started off with an overview of our plans for the year and some general information about the club delivered through an interactive quiz with prizes. We were also joined by two of UAIC’s senior analysts, who presented a stock pitch each which was followed with Q&A, pizza and networking.